Future Unfolding


If you have a technical issue, please make sure to install the latest updates available for your operating system. On Windows, please also make sure you have the latest native drivers for your graphics card installed. If you're still experiencing a problem, please contact us at support@futureunfolding.com.

Known issues

Integrated graphics

When playing Future Unfolding on computers with integrated graphics such as ultraportable laptops, you might experience inconsistent frame rates or long loading times. We recommend to play Future Unfolding on computers with dedicated graphics for the best experience.

If you are playing on a laptop that has both integrated and dedicated graphics and have issues starting the game, please make sure that in the settings of your graphics driver the game is set to use the dedicated GPU.


When using a video recording application like FRAPS or Bandicam, please make sure to turn off the FPS counter before starting Future Unfolding. Otherwise you might experience graphical issues related to the rending of shadows.